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Meet Dr. Wendy 

Naturopathic physician and acupuncturist

I was drawn to naturopathic medicine because I always believed that medicine and healthcare should be about so much more than only diagnosing and prescribing medication. 

Imagine what it would be like to have a doctor that not only reviews labs and looks at symptoms but also digs deeper to help figure out the "whys" of what's going on while helping provide you with tools to build a strong foundation. 

Imagine a doctor that spends the time to listen and gets to know you as an individual while creating plans that are designed specifically for you. 

Imagine a life where you have all the energy you could possibly want, sleep great and find joy in the everyday.

This is my wish, desire and goal for every one of my patients and for you.


A little about me:

I was born in Mississippi but raised in Portland Oregon from the age of 4.

With one parent that was an intense animal lover, the other a lover of the outdoors and both believing I might not survive childhood due to my degree of clumsiness, I had a diverse childhood that included LOTS of dance, animals and many hikes in the Gorge. 

While thousands of hours of dance classes did not resolve the clumsiness, I discovered a life long love and continued to dance through high school, college and beyond eventually meeting my husband in the first musical I performed in. 

I knew early on that I loved helping people so receiving a degree in psychology from Portland State was an easy choice but struggled with finding what felt like my perfect fit in the medical field until discovering naturopathic medicine.

During medical school, I "accidentally" fell in love with Chinese medicine and so in 2007 received my doctorate in naturopathic medicine and my masters in acupuncture from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM).  

I had my daughter in my last year of medical school so understand first hand what its like to juggle a demanding career with being a mom and all the joys AND struggles that come with a very full life. 

I live in Lake Oswego with my husband, daughter and 4 fur babies (2 cats and 2 dogs), continuing to enjoy dance, the theater, spending time in nature and reading whenever I get the chance. 

Meet Dr. Wendy
Why Naturopathy

The Foundations

The things you do every day essential for your health and well-being. 


Nothing works well without quality sleep including hormones, energy and weight management, making sleep a critical part of your health journey. 

Stress Management

Life will always have stressors but learning how to manage reactions to stress is crucial for your mental and physical well being.


Your body is meant to move. Learning how to incorporate movement into your daily life is an important part of discovering your best self. 


There is never a "one-size fits all" answer when it comes to diet, but learning how to make healthy food choices on a daily basis is necessary for your overall health. 


The health of your GI tract impacts every aspect of your health making it top priority. 

Self Care

Learning to take care of your self physically and mentally is vital to you feeling your best and being your best.  


"Dr. Rogers is someone that I have trusted for many years. She is professional, caring and informative. I would highly recommend her to someone just starting out or to someone who’s been around for a while."

- J.S


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P: 503-673-1630

F: 503-673-8051

12570 SW 69th Ave Ste 101

Tigard, OR 97223

PO Box 1716

Lake Oswego Or 97035-3401

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